- Basic principles of good contract drafting; streamlining your contract drafting; using shall, must, will, and may correctly.

- Using defined terms correctly; words and phrases to avoid in contracts; rules for structuring sentences correctly.

- Drafting complex provisions; avoiding legalese.

- Commonly litigated ambiguities; achieving contract clarity through format; important grammar concepts for clear contract drafting.

- The seven building blocks of contracts; Drafting introductory provisions: preamble, recitals, and words of agreement; drafting representations and warranties.

- Drafting covenants; drafting conditions; drafting declarations.

- Drafting discretionary authority; drafting boilerplate provisions; drafting.

- The drafting process, the editing process, commenting process, and adding value to the deal.


Robert Scott Miller: Juris Doctor pela Universidade da Califórnia e LL.M. em Internacional Trade & Development Law pela Universidade do Arizona. Mr. Miller, além de membro da N.Y. Bar Association e consultor em direito estrangeiro pela OAB-RJ, é professor de direito americano e prática jurídica internacional.