The topics include: BRICs; the trillion dollar club; the bullish (positive) case for Brazil; the bearish (negative) case for Brazil; MSCI Emerging Markets (stock symbol EEM); MSCI Brazil/ Bovespa (stock symbol EWZ); Global Monetary System; exorbitant priviledge; Guido Montega; Ben Bernanke; quantitative easing; currency impact on stock market prices; emerging markets entrepreneurship; Antoine von Actmel, Emerging Markets; lean innovation; frugal production; demographic dividend; currency intervention; capital controls; undervalued currency.

The course materials will be distributed by Google drive and by Google playlist to students in advance. The students may meet the professor in advance through Google Hangout (video conference).


The professor, J. Jose Wasito, is a graduate of Stanford Law School, Harvard University, and is the CEO and Manager of Magis Capital, an American hedge fund. Please see these websites to learn more about Professor Wasito:,,


Day 1 (September 2)

The class is divided into two groups of investment analysts, with one group arguing to invest (go long) the EWZ (bovespa) or EEM (BRIC) index, and the other group arguing to go short the EWZ (bovespa) or EEM (BRIC) index with $10 million in new client capital in a $100 million hedge fund.


#1 Audio – Brazil Takes off, 2009

#2 Audio – Brazil, Grounded, 2013

The class is divided into Brazilan finance ministers like Guido Montega and American central bankers like Ben Bernanke, and will debate quantitative easing in order to avert a currency war through currency controls.


#3 audio, The Global Monetary System

#4 audio, How to stop a currency war

Day 2 (September 3)

The class is divided into Americans who manage Facebook and the Brazilian local managers of a new product, Whatsapp, in Rio de Janeiro. The two groups debate how to implement a new product, whether it should follow local lean innovation or the “Hedgehog concept” learned by the Americans in MBA programs – or whether these two ideas are the same?

#5 audio, Innovation in Emerging Markets

#6 audio, Schumpeter, The Brazilian Model

#7 audio, Emerging Markets are teeming with young entrepreneurs

Day 3 (September 4)

#8 audio, Schumpeter, an emerging markets challenge: Antoine von achtmel, who coined “emerging markets” (compare with Huntington, clash of civilizations)

The class is divided into investment analysts who argue for and against whether the BRICs (MSCI EM: NYSE symbol EEM) are a valid way to organize a sustainable stock index, like the S&P 500 (75+ years old).

#9 audio, The BRICs

#10 audio, Special Report on Latin America: two centuries of hopes and fears